8.9.19: Green House Pottery

This weekend at 44MAIN, stop by and check out Green House Pottery! Cold Spring-based Green House Pottery is focused on creating objects which are functional, comfortable, and which naturally find a place in the lives of their owners.  The work explores the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  This idea is expressed not only in the finished work, but also how that work fits into the users everyday life.

Green House Pottery is committed to producing local, hand-made goods, with an eye towards sustainability and efficiency. All of the work is fired in an electric kiln, which runs on renewable, 100% renewable wind-generated electricity. The finished work is fired to over 2200 degrees, is beautiful and durable.

Green House Pottery will be at 44MAIN Friday – Sunday (August 9/10/11) 10 – 6pm each day.

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